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Welcome to the beginning of your nursing education! Fundamentals of Nursing is the first nursing class you will take to begin the nursing program.

The skills you learn in this course will provide the foundation for the many nursing responsibilities you will assume throughout your career as both a nurse and a student. As you review the syllabus for this course, you might say to yourself, “OMG, how on earth am I supposed to learn all of this in a semester.” Stay calm and take it one day (and one section) at a time. It will take some time to adjust to the demands of the nursing program. Over time, you will develop study skills and confidence, and before you know it, you will be a pro at studying.

Let’s chat a little about what this course is all about. Fundamentals of nursing introduces you to the thorough assessment of patients, the nursing process, communication between nurse and patient, cultural differences, functional health patterns, and the overall framework of nursing practice. Think of it this way: When you build a house, you start with the foundation and then move to the framework, walls, and so on. I think you get the point. This class is the foundation for nursing, the beginning point. It gives you an overview of what to expect when working as a nurse.

It will take some time to learn the skills needed to assess patients; do not feel discouraged if you do not grasp the concepts right away. I found myself struggling at the beginning of the course. I felt overwhelmed, my mind was on overload from all the information, and I was nervous about performing the assessments in front of my classmates. I was not one for failure, but boy, did I feel like one at the beginning of this class. My test scores were poor, and my nervousness was undermining my assessment skills.

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