CNA to LVN Challenge

CNA to LVN Equivalency Method, Challenge the Board

Are you a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Patient Care Technician with a minimum of 51 months of “paid” general duty INPATIENT bedside nursing experience in a clinical facility?

Reach Test Prep can help you become a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) in the through the “Equivalency Method.” Eligible candidates can challenge the NCLEX-PN exam based on their work experience and education without attending a traditional LVN Program.


51 months of paid general duty inpatient bedside nursing experience must include a minimum of each of the following:

-48 months medical/surgical nursing – hospital on an inpatient ward or long term skilled facility handling adults (18+ years old);
-6 weeks or 240 hours maternity or genitourinary nursing;
-6 weeks or 240 hours pediatric nursing.

It is primarily the applicant’s responsibility to find and gain “paid work experience” from facilities or clinics to complete the requirements. Reach Test Prep is a nationally recognized test preparation center with a lot of different programs, We do offer assistance in job placement so if you are missing any of the above mentioned requirements please go to our jobs page and apply to join a unique GET PAID TO LEARN PROGRAM where we will help you find a job to meet those requirements so you can work and learn at the same time. Once you’ve earned the required hours and meet all requirements we can help you submit for your challenge.


In addition to the required paid bedside nursing experience, the applicant must also have completed a pharmacology course of at least 54 theory hours.


Reach Test Prep will help evaluate your experience and education, but Only the Board of Vocational Nursing can fully determine/ approve your eligibility to challenge the NCLEX-PN. We will help you with this entire process from contacting old empolyers to verify eligibility to helping you submit the final paperwork.

To know if you meet the work and education qualifications please apply via our “CNA- LVN Challage Program page“


The main goal of this program is to assist applicants to prepare for the challange licensure exam (NCLEX-PN) by providing high quality instruction to gain knowledge, skills and judgment needed to challenge the exam and confidently work as licensed vocational nurse.

Program and Eligibility Requirements:

Paid Work Experience Verification from Human Resources
Nursing Experience Verification
54-Hour Pharmacology Course: completed or current enrollment
Anatomy and Physiology: completed or current enrollment from any accredited institutions
Child Growth and Development: completed or current enrollment from any accredited institutions
Live Scan
High School Diploma or GED certificate
Active State Issued Nursing Assistant Certificate or Patient Care Technicians (PCTs)
Photo 2″ x 2″: current, colored, front view, head and shoulder shot
Application Fee: $150 (payable to Board)

Mode of Instructions:

Unlike other course providers, our program is a Online course with a live teacher. The classes are recorded for review and you have access to Powerpoints, Live Lectures, Recorded Lectures, Learning platform, Videos, Quizbanks and much more. It is intended for individuals who are busy with work and personal commitments but still want to pursue their career in nursing.

IMPORTANT Disclaimer:

This is a NCLEX-PN preparation course and does not guarantee eligibility for vocational nurse licensure with the qualification based on education and experience (Method 3: Equivalency). Reach Test Prep does help evaluate your experience and education, But Only the board can determine your eligibility to challenge the NCLEX-PN. We will help you every step of the way

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